We take a somewhat unique approach to offering our web design services to our customer's.  Years of experience have shown us that there are three major areas of concern when it comes to a customers decision to think about a web-site.

1.  Understanding the technology,

2.  Understanding what a web-site can do for you,

3.  And probably the most important to you: cost.

     We understand that advertising is vital to almost any business or organization and all the factors must be studied and understood prior to making any decision.  With that in mind, we would like to address these three areas.

1.  Technology;

While this is something that can be very confusing to most, this is an area that the customer need not worry about.  This is one of the many advantages that we supply to our customers.  Although this is an area that many customers may not understand, if they would like to understand more about it, we will be more than willing to work with them on understanding how things work.

2.  What a web-site can do for you; 

In 2008 more local people used the Internet to find local information than used the Yellow Pages.

Internet Marketing is growing faster than any other Media Platform.

Your business or message is available locally, regionally, nationwide, and worldwide 24/7/365.

Easy for your current and potential customers to find your business or message.

► Your current and potential customers can learn more about your business or message.

► It levels the playing ground with competitors (larger or smaller) who are using their web sites to attract customers.

► Web sites add another degree of professionalism to your business.

► Your message is easily changeable, in today's business, changes are almost daily, and relying solely on traditional print advertising limits you till the next time your information is published.

► New and potentially less expensive suppliers can find your business.

► Print advertising is expensive.

► It is highly cost effective with USA QUIK plan.

3.  Costs:

► If a price starting at an average of $50.00 per month to get your business or message on line is of interest to you, contact us at USA QUIK.  765-659-0773 / 866-659-0773 and we'll tell you how.

Domain Registration

(Once a Year fee): $19.95 to be paid in advance of registration. Client will be listed as owner, Quik Internet will be listed as Technical, Administrative, & Billing contacts.

Basic Web-Site Design and Yearly Maintenance

Basic Web-Site Design Includes: Contact information, email links, photo's graphics, & Text information, links to other sites, all the information that the client wants to put on the site.

Maintenance Includes: Changes, additions or deletions of information from site.

Basic Web-Site Design & Yearly Maintenance Fee: $300.00 per year. $150.00 will be paid at the beginning of the web-site design, the remaining $150.00 will be paid upon completion and posting of the site. The yearly maintenance cycle will commence at the time of acceptance of the proposal and will be renewed on a yearly basis thereafter unless either party wishes to void the yearly maintenance agreement. If not voided, the billing of $300.00 per year will be due at the anniversary of the first year maintenance contract, and will be paid in an agreed upon basis at that time.

Web-Site Hosting

Starting At: $9.95 Per Month

Search Engine Submission

(Yearly) $75.00, Client will not be billed until site is posted to the Internet.

LISTING ON: www.frankfort-indiana.com
( Top (3) three listing on Google Search using Frankfort, Indiana as search words.)

E-commerce sites - Paypal sites - and advance web design are not included in this pricing, but are available and are quoted on an individual basis.

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